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Bushwalking can be quite challenging especially after a tropical cyclone. All of those fallen trees, wait-a-whiles, landslides and snakes made our adventure even more memorable. Enjoy!

Video by Marek Pospisil

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Lake Barrine is a freshwater lake situated on the eastern parts of Atherton Tableland in Far North QueenslandAustralia. World Heritage listed Lake Barrine is an extinct volcanic crater, that is located 700 m above sea level, about 1 ¼ hour drive from Cairns. The lake has filled with water and is surrounded by complex rainforest. The bio-diversity is extremely high.

Diving this beauty left a strong impression in me. It is definitely comparable with far ocean reef diving.

Location Far North Queensland
Coordinates 17°15′01″S145°38′07″E
Lake type Crater lake
Primary inflows precipitation
Basin countries Australia
Max. width 1,230 m
Average depth 65 m
Shore length1 4.5 km
Surface elevation 730 m

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